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A Beautiful Morning in Hawaii Nei

Diamond Head Waikiki from Magic Island

A beautiful morning view of Diamond Head and Waikiki from Magic Island Beach Park.

June 28 Morning Walk Log

Steps for this morning.

Another morning at Magic Island got me walking around for a few thousand steps before I headed back to Ala Moana Center and then home.

The weather forecast for Honolulu today: Light to moderate trades will hold in place through Tuesday, with localized land and sea breezes developing in the more sheltered leeward areas. Moisture will move through today and again on Tuesday, bringing a slight increase in showers to both windward and leeward areas. – NOAA Honolulu Twitter post.

So essentially it will be a typical sunny summer day. Have a great week folks!

Flowers and Moon

Can you see the waning gibbous moon?


Walking Early is Great for a Good Sunrise Shot

Sunrise Morning June 27

Mornings at Honolulu’s Ala Moana Park is very popular for walkers, beachgoers, surfers, swimmers and more. With the easing of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, we are more free to walk around without a mask.

On today’s walk, I took for the first time my new Google Pixel 4a smartphone which features a very nice camera for both still photos and video. Plus I installed my Pedometer app that I used for several years with my previous smartphone.

Pedometer app window

It shows how many steps and miles I walked in a specified time.

The Pedometer app works just fine on the new device. It is a good, casual tool that I use to track my walking steps, distance and burned calories. While I am not that diligent with all the measurements the app takes, it does present a good snapshot of my walking activity for the morning or any other part of  the day.

There certainly are better health apps out there, but for me I am content with this simple one. Attached is a screenshot of the Pedometer results window for the morning.

More photos and the video from the walk appear on my Hawaii Files Blog page. #Honolulu#Hawaii#sunrise#Pixel4a

My Internet in 1965

1965 era World Book Encyclopedia

The encyclopedia was my “internet” back in 1965.

My parents bought the 1965 edition of the World Book Encyclopedia, presumably to help us with schoolwork as we were growing up. I took to the books with awe and fascination as I could read short articles about all kinds of wonderful things.

I especially loved reading about the space program, the human body with its transparent layers that labeled all of the internal organs, bones, etc.. There were articles about all of the Presidents of the United States as well as all of the States of the Union. The nice thing about this set is that World Book sent out a yearly update edition that brought articles up to date. Major re-writes of old articles and new entries such as computers were regularly featured in the annual yearbook.

Car of the Future in 1965

Flying cars were predicted to glide over a cushion of air.

We also had the old Childcraft books for children that came with the encyclopedia. This 12 volume set included childrens’ stories, articles on the arts, poetry, animals, holidays, the universe,  history and technology. It was in this book that I read an article about the future of the automobile: They predicted flying cars in 1965.

I’m still waiting for that to come true.

The World Book Encyclopedia was and still is a wonderful treasure trove of knowledge… all bound and on paper. The next time you are at a library spend some time going through the pages.