My name is Mel and I am a longtime blogger and web publisher. “Bypass Avenue” is my personal blog that started as a result of having a heart attack and undergoing triple bypass surgery.

I have decided to re-focus the blog where I will share a variety of comments, images, information and advice on various topics. I suspect many of these topics will go beyond health, and touch upon news commentary, tech information, family memories and more.


On December 26, 2015 I had a “moderate heart attack” and was rushed to the hospital. There I underwent a series of tests. The doctors found a 50% blockage in one of my major heart chambers and 2 smaller ones in vessels around my heart.

I had heart bypass surgery on December 30, 2015 and was confined in the hospital until January 5, 2016.

This is my story, post operation. I will fill you in on a more detailed timeline post at the beginning of this blog of the heart attack morning and treatment at the medical facility.


This blog is about my personal journey from heart attack to surgery and recovery. By no means is this blog to be used for medical advice. Consult your physician, cardiologist and medical services facility for help, diagnosis and care. Online you can visit Web MD for general information. If you are experiencing a medical emergency such as a heart attack, chest pain, shortness of breath or anything out of the ordinary, CALL 911! (Works in most places in the U.S.A.)

The scope of the blog is being expanded to cover more than heart and health issues. Posts will also include lifestyle, personal, family and some photographic content. Heart health issues will still be the central focus.